u-mee Talk app August 2, 2017

u-mee launches app to integrate traditional telephone landline with a smartphone


u-mee have announced the launch of their new u-mee Talk app which is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


The app allows u-mee Fibre broadband customers, who also benefit from u-mee TV services and a telephone fixed line for their home at no extra cost, to additionally make and receive landline calls on their existing u-mee landline number wherever they have access to a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G Internet connection (network data charges may apply).


Thus, u-mee customers can continue to benefit from low-cost landline calling rates in lieu of more expensive mobile fees, including free calls to other u-mee subscribers, when making and receiving calls wherever they are in the world (avoiding roaming/international calling rates for themselves and/or the other party).


The u-mee Talk app is free and the service is available without charge for all u-mee Fibre broadband customers over the summer period (call charges apply) and, as from September, this will be included with the u-mee Plus bundle - u-mee Home customers will be able to keep using it for £5/month.


For more information on the u-mee Talk app, visit u-mee.com/talk