u-mee family - 300Mbps! February 23, 2016

As promised, u-mee is bringing you more surprises with a completely free upgrade for all customers and the introduction of u-mee family 300Mbps, again leading the way in Gibraltar for the fastest residential Internet speed and revolutionary services.


If you are a u-mee home customer, you may have noticed that your speed was automatically doubled to 100Mbps, still at only £39 per month! So 100Mbps superfast broadband, 180+ of your favourite TV channels and u-mee talk fixed-line telephone, all from one provider and with no additional charges. And if you are a u-mee plus customer, your broadband speed has tripled to now reach an incredible 300Mbps at a reduced price of £59 per month, including u-mee talk, 180+ channels and extra TV recordings.


And there's more... with the introduction of u-mee family, any u-mee home customer can now boost their speed to 300Mbps for free by introducing a friend to u-mee. As soon as their friend signs up, the existing u-mee home customer is boosted to 300Mbps and their friend will automatically start at 200Mbps!


Enjoy the ride and stay tuned for our next surprises!