The highly-anticipated u-mee talk has arrived! November 15, 2015

With another first for Gibraltar, u-mee now provides a complete suite of residential telecoms services to every customer – superfast fibre broadband, TV and fixed-line telephone, all from the same provider and included in the price.


With u-mee talk, you can make big savings on your phone bill with the best calling rates in Gibraltar and free calls to other u-mee subscribers ... and you can save even more: transfer your existing phone number to u-mee to avoid the £8/month line rental from your current provider. No hidden charges - no line rental, no call connection charge! Check our rates here to see how much you could save.


Along with preparing for the launch of u-mee talk, we've also been busy supporting the local arts and culture scene: over the summer, this included our sponsorship of the Gibraltar Music Festival (check our FB albums here), our recent support for local artist Guy Valarino and the Gibraltar Literary Festival commencing November 12th.


You'll also hopefully now be familiar with our robot friend - look out for him over the Christmas holidays as he's planning another appearance soon :)


We're not finished yet as we have other surprises for u-mee customers up our sleeve - it's a great time to be part of the u-mee family so if you or your friends have not registered yet, sign up now and enjoy the ride!