u-mee Labs July 8, 2021

Launch of u-mee Labs including Advanced DNS feature facilitates TV streaming in Gibraltar


u-mee today unveiled a new initiative allowing the local Internet service provider to make innovative functionality available to its customers under its new 'u-mee Labs' brand - see u-mee.com/labs


Labs allows u-mee customers to access certain features that would normally be withheld as unviable components within the company's fibre broadband product bundles. This might be due to issues related to reliable end-to-end client experience when key factors remain beyond u-mee's control, standardisation that helps ensure products reflect the needs of the majority of users, and end-user support for more advanced functionality to avoid driving up customer costs for niche features. Consequently, this launch coincides with u-mee's new online 'Labs community' (labs.u-mee.com) allowing its customers to share experiences and provide advice to one another, in place of formal support from the company itself.


The first new feature released under u-mee Labs is 'Advanced DNS'. ‚ÄčThis allows customers to select their preferred DNS provider from a range of well-known options curated by u-mee, in lieu of the standard, fully supported DNS.


The available DNS options allow u-mee customers to take greater control and responsibility for their Internet connectivity without any additional costs. These include providers that typically suit families looking to restrict access to adult content, web surfers concerned about malware, gamers with specific performance demands, and TV viewers wishing to take full advantage of their 'smart' devices.


In a first for Gibraltar, by selecting 'Smart DNS', u-mee customers will now be able to access subscription-based TV streaming services that would otherwise be restricted locally, directly on their smart TVs, non-u-mee TV set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones and computers within their home, all with just one or two button clicks on the u-mee Control app or online portal.


Whilst u-mee's 'linear' TV distribution platform continues to deliver Gibraltar's best features, including an electronic programme guide, catch-up and cloud recording, the company considers the future of TV to be streaming-based and has developed a technical solution to geographic restrictions that have previously meant that 'smart TV' features go unused in many homes. u-mee's Smart DNS solves this problem, finally bringing Gibraltar in line with other countries where people can choose the services to which they wish to subscribe.


Lawrence Isola, u-mee's Chairman, stated 'We love to innovate by providing solutions to real-world problems that affect our community today. We're not thinking about driverless cars for now, however recent issues have challenged how TV has been enjoyed in Gib for decades, causing some customers to worry about how they might access their favourite content in the future, even programming that they might be willing to pay for.'


'We've always understood the importance of TV whilst appreciating that much of what Gib wants to watch is simply not available or viable for licensing by the ISPs, typically due to issues related to the small size of our market. However, despite all of these challenges, we continue to advance the TV experience for our customers who can now access the best content at the highest quality, including 4K and HDR. u-mee Labs with Advanced DNS now allows them to take full control of their TV viewing”.


u-mee Labs is now live and the 'Advanced DNS' feature, including 'Smart DNS' for enhanced TV streaming, is also available now at no extra cost to all u-mee Home and u-mee Plus fibre broadband subscribers. Customers can find out more at u-mee.com/labs