The following Coronavirus/COVID-19 statement was sent to all our u-mee customers on 13/3/20:




As a valued u-mee customer, we appreciate your loyalty, as well as placing your trust in us to deliver your Internet, TV and landline communications. Whilst our services are typically provided for your entertainment, in the current circumstances, these can become essential tools to receive important health guidance, keep in touch with loved ones around the world or potentially work from home as part of your employer's Coronavirus policy.


Customers who have upgraded to our new Home/Plus products (automatic upgrade otherwise scheduled for 1/7/20) already have access to our TV and Talk apps - these can help those in isolation within their homes with a smartphone/tablet. If you require help in setting these up, please contact us at


We normally offer a home visit service to help customers e.g. with device, Wi-Fi, TV set-top-box, etc. issues. However, please note that for the time being, this option is being withdrawn and we will endeavour to support customers with non-essential issues remotely. Essential service call-outs e.g. related to router or cable problems shall continue for the time being.


In this regard, we are following HMGoG guidance and industry best practice. If you have recently registered for a u-mee fibre service or an engineer is sent to your home for essential service, please note that our installers/staff will request access to hand-washing facilities on arrival and departure. Furthermore, we shall continue to review best practice regarding the use of face masks/latex gloves and associated processes. If, for whatever reason e.g. age/risk profile of residents, you prefer our personnel not to visit your premises, please make this clear to our Customer Services staff when communicating with them by telephone or e-mail and we will do our best to work with you on an acceptable workaround where possible. If this relates to a new fibre service registration, we will be happy to defer installation and will honour the terms of any offers for a reasonable period (normally installation required within 1 month of registration).


In addition to the above mentioned precautions, please note that from Monday 16th March 2020, our shop at 3.0.3 Eurotowers will be closed until further notice. Consequently, new/additional TV set-top-boxes will not be available for sale for the time being and we shall no longer accept over-the-counter payments in cash, by cheque or payment card. April invoices shall be sent out at the start of the month as normal, followed by automated payment reminders for outstanding invoices after that (up to the 21st when services are automatically suspended). Therefore, the few remaining customers who have yet to set up online payments have over a month to do so - please contact us at if you require any help in this regard.


We hope that everyone remains healthy during this period and wish you and your families all the best - if necessary, we will continue to update you with regard to your u-mee products and services, as required.